Our Shu Uemura Award Winning Journey


Ignite fierce fashion forward thoughts and push your hair to the limits as you join us on our Shu Uemura Art of Hair journey

In 1958, renowned Japanese makeup artist Shu Uemura began his journey to not only revolutionise the world of make-up, but to blend the unique beauty of the East with the fiery edge of the West – then came our Creative Director Danny Puopolo and things really began to heat up with his innovative application of Mr Shu Uemura’s salon professional hair products in his edgy contemporary editorial looks!

From the traditional radiance of the Japanese Geisha to the rough tough and unruly Harajuku girl, ignite fierce fashion forward thoughts and push your hair to the limits as you join us on our Shu Uemura Art of Hair journey.

Australia’s first Shu Uemura Salon

In 2013, Shu Uemura Art of Hair was launched in Australia, blending Mr Shu Uemura’s mastery of contemporary beauty with hair, inspiring salon professionals to approach their work as they would art, to free their rebellious nature and to push the limits on their journey to mastering their craft. Like a fine wine, residing on the Paris end of Collins since 1983, Rakis on Collins’ luxurious history and sophisticated flavour made the location of the first Australian Shu Uemura salon an easy decision – our great body and legs might have had something to do with it too!

Powered by the genius mind of Mr Shu Uemura, Rakis on Collins has gone from strength to strength crafting industry leading glamour and style using the beautifully created Shu Uemura products on a clientele that ranges from politicians to celebrities who have appeared in dozens of high fashion magazines from Marie Claire to Vogue. To think like, the talented Shu Uemura who began his career “in bed” with many Hollywood greats, Rakis on Collins began ‘in a hotel room, with Bono leaning over the bathtub…” having his colour rinsed out of course – or so our Salon Owner and Style Director Stavros Tavrou recalls.

In Salon Shu Uemura Product Display

Hustle like a Harajuku Girl

Last year inspired by the hair defying products of Shu Uemura, our Creative Director Danny Puopolo took out the national title at the Shu Uemura Art of Hair Muse Image Awards with his ferocious take on the infamous Harajuku Girl. He fell head over Gucci for (the babe loves a shopping spree) throughout his own travels around Tokyo.

It’s so rewarding and exciting to put your work out there for the industry to see and for it to be received so positively by the community. The whole experience has been terrific and I feel so lucky to be accepting this award…Winning this award means the world to me. It’s testament to all the time, energy and effort I’ve put into my work these past few years. These types of competitions keep me motivated and inspired to keep going and confirm that this is exactly what I need to be doing.”

– Danny Puopolo, Creative Director of Rakis on Collins

With every element of Danny’s Harajuku muse being entirely styled and crafted with real and synthetic hair, it is no surprise that this talented man took out the title and in turn graced the pages of INSTYLE Magazine and Vogue Australia. With Danny leading Rakis On Collins, Melbourne’s premier heritage salon situated on the Paris end of Collins, we continue to disrupt the Australian hair industry through chic and edgy contemporary work, inspiring creativity within our team and clientele, innovating hair to heights unknown to us when we began 34 years ago.

With Shu Uemura announcing their 2017 Gallery of Style competition, the team at Rakis on Collins has worked tirelessly to defend our Shu Uemura champion title. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest in hair trends and fashion, and to ensure you don’t miss the unveiling of our “Tokyorama” creations!

Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne better also watch out as our Creative Director Danny Puopolo is about to embark this May on an educational roadshow of hair trend classes with Shu Uemura Art of Hair as one of their elite Shu Uemura INNOVATORS!

Danny Puopolo’s Shu Uemura Muse Image Awards EntryDanny Puopolo’s Shu Uemura Muse Image Finalist Look

Treat “Shu”- self

When was the last time you treated yourself? Armed with an arsenal of Shu Uemura miracle salon professional products the team at Rakis On Collins is always packing heat. Uncover your latest and greatest ground shaking look with our award winning stylists and colourists. Forget being a Cover Girl, be a Rakis Girl! Visit us on the Paris end of Collinsfor the latest in high end contemporary hair.

Vogue Australia’s Shu Uemura Muse Image Awards Finalist Photoshoot

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