Everything you Need to Know About Melbourne’s Best Eyelash Extensions


Sometimes your morning beauty routine can be a bitter sweet experience.

Every babe and their French bulldog knows how to contour to some degree, but those damn eyelashes are always just on the cusp of turning on you, transforming your look from bearable to scare-able!

We’re afraid celebrity perfect lashes don’t just grow overnight. You ultimately have to become comfortable with what you’ve got or learn to work your lashes like many Hollywood hotties. That’s where eyelash extensions become part of the equation, when a visit to Melbourne’s most exclusive beauty salon, located at Melbourne’s premier hair salon Rakis On Collins, becomes a must!

A lash by lash explanation of eyelash extensions

Guided by our trained Skin Elements beauty therapist, eyelash extensions add volume to your natural lashes, allowing your eyes to pop and your mascara to be forgotten in your makeup bag. In just three simple steps we’ll have you looking fierce and ready to sashay out of the salon feeling yourself to the heavens.

Step 1: Prepare
A girl must be prepared for every situation, getting eyelash extensions is no exception – leave your favourite L’Oréal mascara at home! Babe, you were born a certain way and for this occasion that’s how we want you to stay – wear no makeup to reveal your clean natural lashes and advise our Skin Elements beauty therapist on whether you seek a natural or full look.

Step 2: Application
Sit back and relax as our talented Skin Elements beauty therapist works her magic, gently applying each individual lash to your natural lashes to compliment your eye shape using a professional grade adhesive.

Step 3: Take Care
Now you’re looking super FINE, with your new fierce flirty flutters you’re ready to take on the world, but remember to take care of them. Be sure to keep them dry for your first 24 hours and refrain from rubbing or pulling them – babe, we understand you love them but we’re confident you can behave yourself.

Cut your morning routine in half

While we secretly love our ghoul to gorgeous daily morning routine (who doesn’t love a good makeover show?), sometimes you just want to reserve some more time in bed. With a set of Skin Element’s lightweight faux mink eyelash extensions, you can do just that! Say so long to hours spent in front of a mirror achieving a mascara coverage that doesn’t make your lashes look like tiny eye twigs, and welcome your new set of flirtatious peepers.

Make your eyes pop and embrace your natural beauty, or with a fuller set, embrace your inner Amanda Lepore, without the application of mascara. You weren’t born on the Paris end of Collins but babe, spend enough time with us and our hair and beauty secrets might just come naturally to you.


Our Mumma always told us to take care of those who love you and look fierce for those who loathe you. She was a bitter babe but honey she knew how to take care of her lashes! Lashes like every other hair on our body (and most married couples) fall out eventually, taking with it the tiny miracle faux mink fibres that our darling beauty therapist will have skilfully applied to your natural lashes. As this happens some people panic, reflecting on how their past decisions may have led them to this sudden loss of lashes – fear not there’s nothing wrong with you!

By visiting Skin Elements for a lash refill every 3-4 weeks, this horror will pass you by, leaving your luscious lashes alone to flutter in the direction of handsome walkers by. Leave it longer than 4 weeks, we’re afraid you’ll have to start afresh so be sure to book in quick to keep looking your best with Melbourne’s premier luxury eyelash extensions.

“Lash” out and stand out

Offering a comprehensive range of beauty services by our trained Skin Elements beauty therapist, lash out and be pampered at our style bar with a range of manicures and pedicures ranging from deluxe to express, as well as eyelash and brow tinting, brow shaping, eyelash extensions, waxing, facials, chemical peels and cosmeceutical advice. With all treatments performed in our private single level spa room with low-level lighting and candle aromas to relax the senses, unleash your inner beauty and stand out from the crowd!

So what are you waiting for? Visit the Paris end of Collins to kick off those heels and relax with a warm blanket and the soothing hands of our trained specialist.

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