Free from Frizz with bhave Smoothing Treatment


Frizzy hair don’t care? Said no girl ever! Unless you’re Sarah Jessica Parker, Solange Knowles, or Shakira, you’d be lying to yourself girl!

These powerful, frizz loving female icons may have come from a variety of backgrounds, however, they all have one thing in common; they can make their hair “bhave” when duty calls… They’re celebrities after all!

Do you dream of a life free from frizz? Is your mane impossible to tame? Do you struggle to find natural solutions to your beauty needs? To be an industry leader like Rakis on Collins, sometimes you have to “misbhave”, to shape your own rules and to defy what many had previously thought impossible.

Introducing bhave’s Smoothe Keratin Therapy, the latest in salon smoothing technology set to change the way we play with frizzy hair!

Smoothing Vs. Straightening: What’s the difference?

Straightening treatments can be abrasive and damaging to your hair, permanently breaking down hair fibres, sacrificing natural waves and curls. These treatments are then finished with further chemicals to seal new, straighter hair bonds, often brittle and in need of rescue.

Powered by naturally occurring keratin, our latest Smoothe Therapy by bhave shouldn’t be misunderstood as a straightening treatment. Unlike many straightening treatments, bhave’s Smoothe Keratin Therapy does not restructure the hair, allowing you to keep your gorgeous waves and curls intact and frizz free. This incredible treatment leaves hair looking more natural with enhanced body, movement and manageability, while noticeably improving hair health and providing long-term conditioning, protection and lustrous shine. Say hello to celebrity volume, strength and styling control!

Frizz free in five steps!

“Some keratin treatments chemically smooth but can weaken your hair bonds… bhave’s Smoothe Keratin Therapy is nature’s answer to healthy, sexy, and easy to style hair!”
– Alex Anchen, Stylist, Colourist, Bhave & Extension Specialist

bhave’s Smoothe Keratin Therapy is designed for in-salon use as the fight for frizz-free hair is not one to take on alone. In just one visit to the Paris end of Collins, you will leave with new confidence in your hair, in true bhave style, ready to experiment with new styles on your terms, by your own rules!

Step 1 – Assess the damage

bhave’s Smoothe Keratin Therapy begins with a consultation with our bhave specialist. Once moving past your obvious PTSD brought on by dreaded photographic social obligations, she determines the concentration needed to begin smoothing your hair, freeing that inevitable social butterfly, and selfie fiend we all hide within ourselves.

Step 2 – Wash away your hair’s baggage

Everyone has baggage babe and your hair is no exception! Before beginning bhave’s Smoothe Keratin Therapy, our specialist will begin by washing your hair with a specifically formulated shampoo that removes any residue from previous products. If your hair is not prepped appropriately for bhave’s Smoothe Keratin Therapy it will affect your results so it’s best to leave it to a professional.

Step 3 – Apply bhave’s Smoothe Keratin Therapy

bhave’s Smoothe Keratin Therapy is applied similarly to an all over colour, being left on your hair for 30-60 minutes depending on the ferocity of your frizz. A small amount of this treatment is then rinsed off, leaving your hair feeling slippery, wet and ready for the next step.

Step 4 – Straighten and blow

You part ways with our specialist once she blows your mind, straightening and drying your hair to activate the keratin present in the treatment. This is the key to locking all that goodness into your hair! Once finished, you’re free to strut down the Paris end of Collins as if carrying a Hermes bag, but WAIT, bhave’s Smoothe Keratin Therapy isn’t finished with you just yet!

Step 5 – 48 hour shampoo and conditioner strike

For 48 hours you must boycott all shampoo, conditioner and hair products to ensure optimum results. Once completed be sure to shampoo and condition with bhave’s range of shampoo and conditioners available at Rakis on Collins.

bhave Smoothe Keratin Treatment Heat Activation

Tame that mane without sacrificing time in bed.

Our Vogue Australia featured Creative Director Danny Puopolo can create a colour and cut fit for a magazine editorial, however, without appropriate treatment and styling, he can only get you so far (that is unless you come in everyday before work)!

Undergoing bhave’s Smoothe Keratin Therapy not only fights the dreaded frizz, but also assists you in taming your mane on a daily basis with ease. Say so long to those early mornings as you no longer have to spend hours each day to look your best. Simply apply heat to your hair every morning if required and watch bhave maintain the peace. Let your natural beauty shine ladies!

Why not try it for yourself?

Free yourself from the frizz and leave with smooth, rich locks that are manageable, low on maintenance and lusted after. No longer must you waste time and money chasing luscious locks, when all you have to do is chase down an appointment at Rakis on Collins – we do love to be chased! With a team of award winning hairdressers just itching to have their way with you and your hair, what are you waiting for?

bhave Smoothe Keratin Therapy Available at Rakis on Collins

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