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Eyelash Extensions

Get The Eyelashes That You Always Wanted

If you are looking to take your look from "eh" to "wow!" eyelash extensions might be just the ticket. Long and beautifully curled lashes can bring out your inner diva and make your eyes pop. Whether you are into dramatic liner and mascara, or you want to upgrade your everyday look without a lot of work, lash extensions, when applied by one of our trained professionals at Rakis on Collins, can create a divine look in just minutes!

This is not a set of fake eyelashes applied with messy glue from your local drugstore. Eyelash extensions from our Melbourne CBD beauty salon will make your lashes look just like your own, only thicker and fuller. Imagine having full lashes by the pool without messy mascara, or waking up with full, dark lashes first thing in the morning. Yes, it is possible!

Rakis on Collins offers multiple options. Natural eyelash extensions involve a trained professional applying 30-50 lash to each eyelid. This is a great way to upgrade your everyday look in a subtle, pretty way. This method can be great if you want your eyes to look bigger and brighter, whether it is when giving a presentation at work or at a family picnic.
The second option for gorgeous, thick lashes is a full set offering dramatic volume with 60 or more lashes applied. This option is great for a big event when you want to get noticed. Choose this option if you like a lot of attention because all eyes will be on you!

Looking for even more options? How about eyelash curling services from Rakis on Collins? We have all the tools to curl your lashes professionally without the headache of doing it at home.

Eyelash tinting is another method to make your lashes look darker and more attractive in just minutes. If you have light eyelashes, tinting can keep them from disappearing - no mascara needed!

With all of these services available from Rakis on Collins, you can be sure to get just the look you want. Ready for glamorous new look? Please see our menu for more details and contact us by calling 03 9654 6958 to book an appointment today!
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