Turn Back the Clock with Kérastase’s Chronologiste Luxury Spa Ritual


Is your hair tired, brittle and screaming to feel moist? The divine must intervene with a hair ritual!

Is your hair tired, brittle and screaming to feel moist? Is your everyday weather forecast sunny skies but a definite chance of dandruff? Girl, pack an umbrella and steer clear of black!

Years of dying, heating, and manipulating your hair to new and insane heights can take its toll. You got your hair from your mama, what happened from then on in is all on you babe. You’ve got to work to have great hair and it all begins with salon professional hair care and ends with a satisfied sigh at Rakis on Collins.

A ritual inspired by skin care institutes and spas, Kérastasepresents Chronologiste Luxury Spa treatment a powerful haircare concentration developed by L’Oréal Advanced Research. Infusing La Crème de Régénération and Mimetic Caviar Pearls to replenish, soften and smooth the hair fibre, Chronologiste works to revitalise the scalp turning back the clock.

Where Did I Get All This Hair Baggage?

People spend hundreds of dollars and countless hours in hair salons without committing to the haircare needed to nurture and rejuvenate the hair fibre and scalp after countless colour changes, cuts, blow drys and changes in dilute, detergent filled supermarket shampoo and conditioners. People wonder why they don’t get the same results they see in salon – babe, would you try to give yourself a lip filler at home? Oh girl, no! – so why do you insist on going at it alone?

Melbourne Fashion Illustrator Mads Francis indulges in Kérastase’s Chronologiste Luxury Spa Ritual

Chronologiste Beauty Ritual

Taking time and care to repair your hair and scalp is easy when you have witnessed Chronologiste’s exceptional results whilst experiencing a magnificent relaxing head message from one of our award winning staff.

1. Prepare
Kérastase’s Chronologiste Luxury Spa Ritual begins through the detoxification and purification of the scalp and hair fibre using the luxurious Le Soin-Gommage Rénovateurformulation. This is applied directly to the scalp and damp hair to activate and amplify the ritual’s active ingredients and powerful rejuvenating molecules.

2. Bathe
Beginning to smooth and strengthen, Le Bain Revitalisantis then messaged into your scalp at the basin, bringing softness, shine and a velvet touch to the hair fibre without weighing it down. Infused with Vitamin E for anti-oxidant protection, and Ceramide to strengthen and regenerate action on the hair fibre, say goodbye to your hairs baggage – au revoir!

3. Treat
At this stage it’s time to awaken your hair, transforming the fibre and rejuvenating the scalp with the powerful combination of Mimetic Caviar Pearls and La Crème de Régénération. Extracting the potent amino acids and trace elements present in the caviar pearls, promote the restructuring and revitalisation of both your skin and hair by massaging the combined products into the scalp, ensuring a deep penetration that’ll lead you to an indulgent euphoric escape. Emulsifying and rinsing thoroughly after five minutes, be sure to take a moment to get intimate with your new and improved hair!

4. Texturise
Continue to lose yourself as we finish with Le Parfum en Huileto envelop the hair in a sensual and subtle fragrance, adding additional shine and softness – leaving you itching for more!
ALT TAG: Rakis On Collins (Ainsley Melham’s hair (a.k.a Aladdin) is freshly awakened by Kérastase’s Chronologiste Luxury Spa Ritual)

It’s Time For Your Chronologiste Ritual Awakening!

Ainsley Melham’s hair (a.k.a Aladdin) is freshly awakened by Kérastase’s Chronologiste Luxury Spa Ritual

From the pages of InStyle Magazine and Vogue Australia, to the runways of Giorgio Armani, Cartier, Gucci and Prada, Rakis on Collins has been at the cusp of luxury fashion and beauty for over 30 years.

No matter your background, style or age, fashion knows no bounds, but anyone can fall victim to tired damaged hair. Trust in Melbourne’s premier heritage salon located on the Paris end of Collins to nurture and refine your own unique sense of individuality. Begin by awakening your tired resilient hair, by indulging in Kérastase’s Chronologiste Luxury Spa Ritual!

Ainsley Melham – Lead In Disney’s Australian Production of Aladdin The Musical

Mads Francis – Melbourne Fashion Illustrator

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