Smartbond vs Olaplex: What’s all the fuss?


If you’re a regular bleacher, or colour enthusiast, we’ve most likely promised to disown you for not doing your weekly Olaplex treatment.

If you’re a regular bleacher, or colour enthusiast, we’ve most likely promised to disown you for not doing your weekly Olaplex treatment. Like our Queen B once said, “Pretty Hurts!” To have hair game comparable to the Gigi Hadid’s and Kylie Jenner’s of the world, you have to put the work in.

Released three years ago with great acclaim, Olaplex works to rebuild hair bonds that have been damaged and/or destroyed throughout the colouring process. These devastated hair bonds are responsible for leaving your hair dull and brittle and need to be taken care of to ensure you don’t personally relive Brittany Spear’s 2007 meltdown.

Throughout Olaplex’s reign, L’Oréal Professional has worked tirelessly to develop and refine this technology, investing millions of dollars in a product they dreamed could change the hair industry forever. Late last year, they had a miracle break through, releasing SMARTBONDglobally. It was only natural that Rakis on Collins, Melbourne’s premier heritage salon, was the first to trial this radical disruption to how hairdressers worldwide approach the hair colouring process.

The three-step SMARTBOND treatment operates differently to Olaplex, acting as a lubricant between protein chains to make hair resilient, giving it more elasticity, minimising breaks. Why work tirelessly to restore and repair hair, when SMARTBOND ensures damage never happens?

Danny Puopolo colour corrects with SMARTBOND

Achieve that Cover Girl colour in just 3 steps.

Are you dreaming of going platinum, or something fiery to reflect your fierce nature? SMARTBOND is here to extend all colouring services, defending the health of your hair without extending your time in the chair. Achieving luscious shine and vibrant colour is simple!

SMARTBOND’s three step hair strengthening and colour intensifying treatment should fit right into your colourist’s process – beginning with the simple addition of SMARTBOND to your desired bleach or hair dye, and ending with a specialty take home conditioner.

Step one:
We begin to mix your desired colour at our colour bar, adding SMARTBOND in for added hair strength and durability. After application we set the timer and wait eagerly for your colour to develop!

Step two:
Excess colour is rinsed off before SMARTBOND’s Pre Shampoo is used to masque your hair for 10 minutes, to enhance hair strength and colour vibrance. Shampoo and conditioner is used as normal to finish.

Step three:
We recommend you take home and use SMARTBOND’s conditioner once a week to further strengthen your hair fibre and to maintain your new colour’s lustrous shine. Trust us, you’ll never regret taking this one home. Don’t let your stunning new look be “the one that got away!”

Cordell uses SMARTBOND’s Pre Shampoo to stabilise her subtle hair contouring

From brunette to blonde, to balayage…

Did you hear that we’re Melbourne’s top hair contouring salon? It is no secret that L’Oréal Professional’s latest in hair technology has revolutionised the way the industry approaches hair colouring. Never have we been bolder, more ready to take risk, and safer to do so, than under SMARTBOND’s miracle protection! From highlights, to lowlights, to drastic colour changes, work towards a look fit for the cover of Vogue and never look back.

SMARTBOND Colour Correction Before and After

Why not try it for yourself?

Creative Director of Rakis on Collins and 2016 Shu Uemura Muse Image Award Winner, Danny Puopolo was one of the first to trial L’Oréal Professional’s three-step SMARTBOND treatment in November last year. Highlighting its “ability to leave hair incredibly strong and noticeably healthier than before the colour service,” he explained that SMARTBOND is what “clients have been waiting for.”

To ensure you don’t miss your chance to sit in this Vogue Australia featuredhairdresser’s chair, visit us on the Paris end of Collins to experience excellence in hair!

Danny Puopolo and Jordan Hone celebrate the launch of SMARTBOND at Rakis on Collins


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