Wet winters, humid summers, windy autumns, and spring showers. It seems that there is never a good time to have polished, manageable hair. Usually we load up on serums, oils, and other heavy leave-in treatments to tame frizz and wrestle curls into submission, but there is a better way to unlock your locks for a smoother style!

bhave Smoothe Keratin Therapy uses a fully bioactive form of keratin that works in lockstep with your hair’s internal structure to produce a smoother cuticle and doesn’t break up and damage the natural amino acids in your hair. This means the hair fibre is kept strong and flexible to prevent micro-splits that produce a Velcro-like effect, which creates tangling and frizz.

Unlike many other straightening services on the market, bhave Smoothe Keratin Therapy is heat activated and does not permanently change the internal structure of the hair. It is designed to slowly wash out over time anywhere between 4-6 months, depending on the type of hair and maintenance. This means it’s suitable not only for smoothing straight hair, but it can also be used to relax tight coils as well as temper wavy hair into easily manageable styles that are quicker to dry.

Having smooth and manageable hair does not mean you have to sacrifice volume either! bhave has a line of products designed to give you the body you want without compromising on the quality of your keratin treatment. The bhave Magnify range takes care of the quality of your hair while the Tease Me Texture Shake plumps up hair from tousled tresses to towering heights.

Blonds needn’t worry about colour fade either with the bhave Intense Violet Toning Masque to keep brassiness at bay while maintaining the integrity of the keratin treatment.

While there are no known adverse side effects to the treatment, pregnant women and nursing mums should consult a physician prior to any type of treatment.

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