How to: Messy Bun


No matter what hair trends come in and out of fashion, there’s one style that will always remain for its effortless style and suitability.

The messy bun is the perfect way to wear your hair up without feeling like a bridesmaid at a bad wedding, and it’s achievable for all. Dishevelled, textured, it’s young and chic and so hot right now!!!

1. Begin by prepping hair with a golf ball amount of L’Oreal Full Volume mousse throughout your hair concentrating on the roots. Blast dry with head upside trying to direct the heat toward the roots for maximum volume. Using a round brush, smooth out hair especially around the face and on the crown.

2. Section away from the ears forward, and take medium size sections and tong the ends with the GHD Classic waving wand. Allowing the hair to grip and make the style stay secured later.

3. Tong the front sections away from the face, remembering to swap hands on opposite side.

4. Brush your hair with a Mason Pearson brush and apply some L’oreal Next Day Hair for extra volume and grip.

5. Section away hair from in front of the ear on both sides, and back comb fine sections on top of the crown to create some height.
Smooth down the top layer of backcombing with a brush to soften.

6. Pull hair back and secure into a low ponytail. Now lightly backcomb your ponytail before twisting it until it wraps around itself to create a messy bun. Use some bobby pins to secure the ends, trying to pin underneath as much as possible.

7. Dress your bun by rubbing your fingers over to loosen some strands. Tuck the hair around your face behind your ears or leave hanging forward. Finish with L’oreal Infinium hairspray for control and hold.

Photography Chris Geracitano

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