Let’s make Tecni Art: Take home some salon magic


There’s a haircut and then there is art – salon perfection which transforms your everyday style into an extension of your creativity and confidence. We know how captivating that fresh from the salon feeling is. Now thanks to L’Oréal Professional you can experience this feeling multiple times before your next visit with products that shape, form and angle your hair the way you thought only our award-winning hands can achieve. Say hello to Tecni Art, salon professional haircare products that can actually come home with you.

Heart racing hair that holds

Do you ever find yourself wondering how some people look like they have salon tonged, or blown out hair 247? Darlings let us tell you that they are indeed defying gravity, making their hair look light and effortless with Tecni Art Air Fix, or a whole lot of secrets completely against nature – who are we to judge though… We’re obsessed with this product as it gives you the hold and lift you desire without overweighting your locks with gritty lacquer. If you consider your hair too thin to hold a style all day, try massaging some lush Tecni Art Transformer in and get ready to strut that hairstyle around town!

The secret to salon perfect shine

Raise your hand if you’ve heard of a Ring Light? If you haven’t, to many it’s the secret behind the perfect Instagram selfie, making your eyes pop, and your skin look flawless. Thanks to Tecni Art we want you to step under a different kind of light, a shining magical mist created to preserve that gorgeous salon gloss – enter Tecni Art Ring Light.

Get stuck in our Rakis men’s web

Gentlemen, you have not been forgotten! L’Oréal Professional’s Tecni Art range is packed full of products perfect for the modern man of today, or quite frankly anyone rocking a chic short cut! Let us introduce you to one of our favorites, Tecni Art Web! Perfect to hold, shape and charm your hair into doing whatever you want, Web is a must for your daily haircare regime and isn’t going to make you sticky after all the fun you’ll have.

Visit Award Winning L’Oréal Professional Tecni Artists

Our team have gone crazy over L’Oréal Professional’s Tecni Art range, getting to experiment with all the products to create a chic editorial collection with our very own clients! Want to master Melbourne hair salon perfect style? Well gorgeous, we’ve been waiting for you to pay us a visit! See you on the Paris end of Collins.

The Team at Rakis on Collins xx

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