Cordell’s Colour Trophy Win and Pop Up Artist Event Recap


We’re so proud of our Cordell for winning L’Oréal Professionnel Rising Star Colour Trophy 2018 in February. 

Cordell’s Colour Trophy Winner’s Journey
One can’t help but believe that good things do happen in pairs. On the night of 4th February 2018 Sunday at The Palms at Crown, our own colourist Cordell was crowned the winner of L’Oréal Professionnel Rising Star Colour Trophy 2018 in Australia. No one else in her category, Australia wide was any threat, she smashed the competition! 

It’s one milestone after another, we wonder how Cordell can concentrate on nailing perfect hair colour each and every time with her clients. But she does, because she’s just Cordell, in her words she’s “unstoppable”.

Apprentice Milly putting her crowning glory in the expert hands of Cordell

Since her win, Cordell has been approached by countless magazines for interviews, quotes and even been approached by many fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencers, all wanting a piece of her champion touch. Confidence might as well be her middle name.

Master at work, nothing can break the concentration on what’s at stake

Even though that winning night in February is weeks away, the memories captured in these pictures are very vivid. Here’s a look back of that momentous evening in pictures.

Stay still Milly! The winning creation is almost done.

Beating the competition is one thing, surviving the nerves of the judging is another level

Winner takes it all or the winner’s smile says all!

Isn’t that a dress (and a win) to make everyone go GREEN with envy? Well done Cordell!

Cordell’s made the news; Her winning work on Milly splashed all over the April issue of Marie Claire magazine

With the win still fresh in her mind, a few weeks after we were hit by another high point, her winning entry splashed across the pages of the April issue of Marie Claire magazine! Check out the many words of congratulations to her on our Facebook page. And here are some memorable client feedback for her work, proof that whether she’s on the competition stage or in the salon, she’s a consistent performer.

“Love my hair thanks to Cordell!! I hated the colour of my hair and went to a few different hairdressers to get it fixed but no one except Cordell and Rakis on Collins has been able to do it. Lovely staff and excellent service.” perfect hair colour

“I had my hair coloured by Cordell last week and I am so amazed at the colour she was able to achieve! Even though I went from brunette to blonde, the colour is fresh and bright and my hair feels great! Cordell was absolutely lovely and I will certainly be going back again when it is time for a touch up. :)” perfect hair colour

We always knew that Cordell is a champ in so many ways. And now with her breast implant surgery complete, she’s feeling more like the winner every waking moment. We can’t wait to see what our career highs she’s going to reach and we’re sure in true Cordell fashion, wow us all!

Hair Meets Art: Pop Up Event with Brendan Hartnett

We now move to another highlight, our in salon pop up event withperfect hair colour featured artist Brendan Hartnett. It’s a pity if you missed our pop up artist event Friday 23 March 2018, but that’s exactly what technology is good for, capturing missed moments in pictures and video. Those who were present, both staff and clients would agree that the salon’s mood was electric!

We already do enough artistry on our clients’ hair, but to have our in-salon featured artist Brendan present, everyone felt the intensity of being in the presence of so many “artists”.

Artist Brendan Hartnett during the pop up event at Rakis on Collins. Photography by perfect hair colour.

Eyeing the salon from his vantage point, artist Brendan Hartnett. Photography by perfect hair colour.

We promised our clients an event, and did we deliver. Brendan was work-in-progress on his latest watercolour piece. It’s an unusually apt piece as it features 2 different eyes. It was almost referencing the event as staff and clients were eyeing, stealing glances at him through the mirror reflections, while Brendan was eyeing the salon while also painting the 2 eyes staring back at him and at the salon. Too deep!

Salon Director Stavros clearly enjoying the artist pop up event and the company of his client. Photography by perfect hair colour.

Artist Brendan Hartnett in conversation with a client during the pop up eventPhotography by perfect hair colour.

Brendan even took a break to do a LIVE sketch of the salon on the spot. Many would agree that in a hair salon, it’s live theatre; on that day, we’ve taken that one step further, live theatre translated onto paper.

We can wax lyrical about the art, about the event, but eventually, it’s still about delivering great hair for our clients but in an environment that’s far from the ordinary hair salon. That very much sums up the Rakis on Collins brand, doesn’t it?

An artistic shot of artist Brendan Hartnett at work, with Style Director Pasquale and Stylist Hanae reflected. Photography by perfect hair colour.

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