What A Year It’s Been In 2017!


As 2017 draws to a close, we have to pinch ourselves when we think of the amazing year we’ve had at Rakis!

To say that we’ve had a jam-packed year would be the understatement of the century, and sets the bar high for 2018 (but don’t worry darlings – we’ve got this!).
As most of our guests know, we live and breathe fabulous hair, and well, being fabulous in general of course. So come with us on a fabulous journey, as we take a look back at the ‘highlights’ of 2017. Pun intended 😉


Each and every year the Rakis team like to embody next level ‘extra-ness’ with an elaborative, themed team photo shoot. The type of photo that blows you away yet makes you smirk simultaneously. These team photo shoots pay homage to our colourful and vivacious personalities, that shine through with every salon visit.

This year was no different and going all-out just once for the year didn’t quite satisfy our thirst, so in 2017, we decided to do not one, but TWO team shoots and boy did they turn out a treat!

Directed by our legendary Stavros, this year we dazzled with a sultry Egyptian theme and brought that extra pizazz with our Moulin Rouge shoot, AKA Moulin Rakis at the Regent Theatre.

Be sure to pick up your own copy at our reception next time you pop in!


Now, if you think the way we do when we hear florals and Spring, your mind may instantly wander to the classic quote from The Devil Wears Prada: ‘Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.‘
Hear us out. Almost all trends are cyclical. It’s how you work with those forces, classical or new and the feeling they invoke that defines creative genius.

Our Spring/Summer Campaign was dramatic, emotive and breathtaking and the creative team at Rakis had no problems pulling together a truly beautiful look. The gorgeous Juliette Elle and her naturally divine hair was a dream come true for Creative Director, Danny to work with. The masterpiece was completed with a dreamy background and floral halo designed by the infamous floral designer, Mr Ross Jenkins or Bloom Boy as you may know him, to create something truly exquisite.


This gorgeous event was hosted by L’Oréal and YSL Beauty and the location provided by none other than yours truly. The salon was buzzing with gorgeous influencers such as Holly THanie, Maria T, BiiBii Beauty and Le Blonde Fox as we had the pleasure of painting their hair. And yes, Stavros was more than happy to accommodate these beauties in the salon for the day.

While the new colour concept is called Colour Correction, it’s nothing like colour correction as we know it. This event was all about showcasing L’Oréal’s new and innovative colour concept, which draws inspiration from makeup trends such as highlighting, contouring and brightening, the theory to correct unwanted colours and enhance natural colours. Genius!


In the salon we’re always striving to be better and collecting accolades as we go so it was no surprise when one of our prized team members, Cordell took out the glory title with her creation for the BIBA Next Level competition this year with her astonishing short silver-blonde bob. Our in-house makeup artist, Hanae collaborated with Cordell to complete the look which surely helped her take out the title.

Cordell is not shy of a win and humbly accepted the award for the second year running. We can’t wait to see if she takes out the title for the 2018 Colour Trophy Award in February as she’s been chosen as a finalist.


After taking out the title in 2016 for the Muse Image Award, our Creative Director and Shu Innovator Danny was lucky enough to be selected as a finalist in 2017 for the Gallery of Style competition. His inspiring look dubbed ‘Tokyorama’ took him overseas to work alongside the other finalists where they recreated their looks and were photographed in the busy streets of Japan.

Danny’s work was featured in Vogue Australia which is a compliment to any stylist and we couldn’t be prouder of him!


This year, we’ve had Dannii Minogue,Daniel Merriweather,Joel Creasey,Juliette Elle,Ainsley Melham,Pettifleur Berenger, andLauren Brantwalk into our salon multiple times. We love having celebs in our salonnot just because they’re famous, but for Stavros, he loves having thembecause they’re highly successful in their fields, and they’ve chosen to have their hair done at Rakis on Collins as they identify with oursuccess. That is why their patronage is such an encouragement for us.

But more importantly, we pride ourselves on loving each and everybeautiful face that walks through our salon door. We also believethrough every client, we’ve been blessed with the opportunity torealise our art and our clients’ expectations in hair while deliveringan experience that’s uniquely Rakis on Collins.

So here’s to YOU, our valued client, what a year it’s been. We lookforward to what 2018 will bring for Rakis on Collins. Until then, wewish you a wonderful Christmas and fabulous New Year.

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