shu uemura Ceremony

The ultimate in hair treatment luxury, shu umeura master ceremony gives dedicated care to any hair need. Performed by our very own shiatsu trained ceremony master, Hanae. Every step of this experience will leave you feeling relaxed, renewed and indulged.

The art of ceremony is inspired by a Japanese Tea Ceremony, celebrating every human interaction as a unique and significant moment in time. A shu uemura ceremony applies the same attention to detail, every hair strand is delicately cared for resulting in the most luxurious hair treatment.

First the scalp is gently detoxified by the shu uemura double brushing technique followed by gentle purification; Cleansing Oil Shampoo. The scalp is clean, invigorated and the hair is ready to receive the customised blend of treatment.

Bespoke formulation offers shine, hydration and repair. Magnolia Oil, Golden Root Extract, Ceramide, Eglantine Rose and Vitamin C are combined with lipid rich Japanese Gentian Flower Extract to deliver the ultimate care.

shu uemura… for perfect hair, nothing more, nothing less.

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