Autumn Hair Care meets Melbourne #StreetStyle


Summer is over and we’re falling straight into autumn in March. Time for a new hair care routine!

Autumn Hair Care meets Melbourne #StreetStyle

It’s officially autumn, bring on the layers of clothing, the longer hemlines and a new regime of hair care. For the new season, we’re putting our two hair care Mega Hits into one unbeatable compilation: INOA meets SMARTBOND. Why didn’t anyone think of that before?

Like champagne and strawberries, Alessandro Michele and Gucci, Rakis and Collins Street, INOA and SMARTBOND make a formidable pairing.

But we digress, with the new season, who best to show off great hair and style than some of our most stylish clients?

We’ve worked on hairstyling for the events of brands like Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Prada and most recently Hermès, our fashion credentials are really up there, right next to our hair awards and accolades. Naturally, we attract a lot of stylish, fashion savvy individuals BIG on personal style and not afraid to express themselves. Like Courtney below who works for a French luxury brand, she clearly isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd with her white leather, square toed Balenciaga boots.

Courtney’s #OOTD aka Outfit of the Day with her Balenciaga square toe leather boots on Collins Street

Courtney’s style is edgy, current and very European (nod to her puffer jacket). To contrast against the boxy, straight lined design of her shoes, of course she chose a wavy, relaxed almost freely liberating hairdo.

But back to her hair, Courtney had her hair cut by Salon Director Stavros and assisted by Milly. She’s been coming to us for years, safe to say we GET Courtney’s personal style. To achieve her hairdo, we applied Shu Uemura Fiber Lift for hold from the roots, Shu Uemura Essence Absolue on the ends, GHD creative curl wand, tonged in large sections and then blow dried straight. Gorgeous, Courtney!

And then we have Sally, a fashion stylist and personal shopper who helps her clients make the best and most informed purchasing decisions when it comes to clothes, brands and accessories, she herself is a walking presence of style.|

Very statuesque, Sally’s short crop is a very smart choice for a hairdo because it puts the focus on her outfit, no long, heavy hair for distraction. Plus the warm hair colour that L’Oréal Professionnel Rising Star Colour Trophy 2018 winner Cordell did for her bold, short crop of a hairstyle is perfect for all the autumn hues of beige, maroon and burgundy in the collections hitting the shops.

We so proudly claim on our homepage that “A successful hairstyle’s foundation is in a quality haircut that considers all aspects – face shape, density of hair and your lifestyle” or should we say LIFE and STYLE. These clients hairdos fully demonstrate our grasp of that.

But back to INOA and SMARTBOND, it’s a match made in hair heaven. According to Colour Director Stevie, “I’m loving the combination of INOA with SMARTBOND at the moment! As a colourist I feel like it’s our duty to ensure our clients leave with not only a beautiful colour but also strong, healthy hair. INOA has always given us the ability to offer a permanent colour service with no ammonia and now with the introduction of SMARTBOND, we can offer a no damage permanent colour solution for our clients!”

Colour Director Stevie concocting his Inoa X SMARTBOND magic at Rakis on Collins

As it’s now autumn, it’s the ideal time to have a change in colour and add some depth and texture to your hair. Like with Sally’s hair colour above, with the INOA and SMARTBOND combination we can now do this without compromising the hair integrity! Changing your colour is still a big decision and not to be made lightly, but with hair integrity taken care of… it certainly makes the decision easier, don’t you think?

Many don’t realise that for hair colour, we provide a complimentary consultation for clients to meet up with their desired colourists, to chat about their expectations, results and for us to provide feedback and advice over a cup of tea or coffee. It’s no obligation, treat it as a friendly catch up with friends, but just talking about hair colour. There, it’s not so scary now, isn’t it!

So pop right in this autumn, let us work our INOA X SMARTBOND magic on your next hair colour. We also want to shout out to all our fashionista clients, go berserk on the #streetstyle #selfies but don’t forget to hashtag us #rakisoncollins. We’re not shy about the great hair that we do, go flaunt your lovely hair, we would! Have a great autumn babes!

The sun sets on Collins Street Melbourne, another perfect day of great hair at Rakis on Collins

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