New year, new faces and Stavros our new VIDEO Star!


It’s the first month of 2018, there’s so much our clients can look forward to at Rakis on Collins

Where do we start? Clients can look forward to a new beautician Kisha, new services such eyebrow threading, ear candling, and a new face at our reception desk, Mary for 2018.

Before we touch on all that, we would like to look back, revisit our roots (as well as yours, hair roots that is, if they need more colour!) to understand who we are, what’s the Rakis on Collins brand. And who better than THE MAN, Salon Director Stavros to do that, and what’s even nicer, it’s in a VIDEO! Click on any of the video stills below to watch, pleasant viewing!

More beautiful summer hair by Stevie and Kérastase Soleil

And with summer here and you’re looking forward to an Australia Day lazing outdoors on the beach or roaming the cool streets and lanes of Melbourne, you need to look after your hair and its colour in our hot and dry summer. For the team at Rakis on Collins, that only spells one brand: Kérastase Soleil.

Our long time clients will already be acquainted with the Kérastase Soleil Range, the perfect balm for our hair for our balmy Aussie summer weather. You only have to check out the online reviews to know that it’s a no nonsense range. It’s top notch professional care and protection from the sun.

But why bother with the online reviews when you can get it straight from our Colour Director, Stevie. This is what he had to say about the range.

“As the warmer weather begins to set in, it is more important now than ever to take care of your beautiful coloured hair! My top tip for fighting UV damage and the colour fade concerns that go along with that are, invest in haircare specific to your colour and your summer vacation plans.”

For him, he can’t speak more highly of the Kerastase Soleil range especially for those who spend a lot of time in the sun or in and out of the swimming pool this summer (seriously, who are these people on a never ending summer break!).

The following is his “prescription” aka how to use the Fab 4 products in the range:

1) Bain Apres-Soleil and Masque UV Defense Active make up your daily cleansing regime while the two star products keep your hair looking and feeling fresh all day long;

2) Aqua-Seal (ideal for those who swim a lot) as it protects hair from sun, chlorine & salt water, smoothens hair and boosts shine while protecting from harmful UV ray damage, and the CC Crème (your daily sun protection for hair).

There are a lot of products that claim to do the same but fall short. This range actually delivers to varying extents based on hair types, sun exposure etc. The Kérastase Soleil range with its advanced formulations aims to keep your colour radiant, and your hair soft, supple and shiny. If you’ve not tried it before, what have you got to lose, when most before who have tried it, have benefitted from it. Even better, take some on your next getaway, packed away in a Louis Vuitton toiletries bag, don’t we all need one (or more) in our suitcases!

More Beautiful Results at Rakis on Collins

But now to Kisha our new beautician, who has been with us since last November, bringing her expertise in eyebrow threading and ear candling to our beauty menu, we’re now MORE than ever, a beauty one stop shop. Really, why go anywhere else? You’ll leave us more beautiful than ever!

We’re especially proud of the conical shaped ear candles that Kisha recommended us to stock for clients. They’re made in Australia (our nod to the coming Australia Day, buy local!), organic and specially ordered from Western Australia. We only offer our clients what we approve for ourselves, nothing but the best. Tested by Salon Director Stavros himself, the candles made sure he was all ears to the action that took place in the salon, loud and clear. No talking behind his back now, apprentices!

Apart from the best products, Kisha is embracing the Rakis on Collins brand and the team, while bringing her own touch of ‘down to earth’, good old customer service to the way she interacts with clients. No surprise that she’s slowing growing her own fan base aka clientele especially as an expert in eyebrow threading.

Hostess with the Most-ess

And now Mary, our new face at reception, many must be thinking, can the welcome be any warmer than what Kate our salon coordinator rolls out? Yes, it’s almost the Kate and Mary show!

Mary is from the hairdressing industry, having been a franchisee for a major hair product retail chain before and being a brand representative for L’Oreal so she understands the demands of hairdressing today, in all its aspects, customer service, product innovation, colour technology. So go up and confide in her, you’ll be surprised at the wealth of her knowledge.

With 2 new staff on board and the best haircare brands to brave a hot summer, now do you believe us, we’re all set to kick start 2018? Hell yeh!

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