How to: Get The “Rich Girl” Look


This autumn/winter hair has departed from the over the top, luscious Victoria’s Secret look. Long hair has got a new “Glamour Grunge” direction.

Hair looks healthy and taken care of, but it’s finish is much more laid back. It’s important not to look like you have spent too much time or tried too hard to create your look. This finish can be worn on silky smooth hair with a distinct rough finish, or with a soft wave put through the hair for a more glam edge. Here’s a step by step to create a “Rich Girl” wavy look.

Loreal Techni Art Volume Lift, Loreal Wildstyler Next Day GHD Curve Classic Waving Wand

  1. Prepare wet hair with Loreal Techni Art Volume Lift spray mousse. Spray the roots of your whole head in 2-inch sections and distribute through your hair with a wide tooth comb.
  2. Blow dry your hair until dry remembering to pop your head upside down directing the heat at the root for extra volume.
  1. Section your hair into 2 large sections, from ear to ear to create a front and a back section. Commence styling with the back section. Now using a large tong or wand, I recommend GHD Curve Classic Waving Wand, take 6 sections of hair one at a time and wrap around the wand and hold for 10 seconds before letting go.
  1. Now at the front, section away the hair on top of your head covering your part, and curl the section on either side, remembering to always wrap the hair on the wand away from your face.
  1. Curl the last section on top of your head in 2 sections winding hair back away from your face. This will ensure hair sits more naturally on top of your head with a modern finish.
  1. Finally shake your hair vigorously, and run a Mason Pearson brush through the hair to loosen the curl. Spray hair with Loreal Wildstyler Next Day Hair to give to ultimate lived in finish. This product can be applied to make the look as grunge or glam as you like.

Photography: Chris Geracitano

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